During this intimate nourishing morning circle for up to 8 people, we’ll combine the releasing movements of Somatic Yoga with a microdose of psilocybin and ceremonial cacoa. The combination of these three powerful ‘medicines’ support you to connect more deeply with yourself, to stimulate your creative and grounded state of mind and body. This session will help you cultivate new prospectives and insights. To open your mind and heart in a wonderful way.

  • Are you looking to connect with yourself in a more profound way?
  • You are looking for a healing session in a safe space?
  • You have an urge to feel lighter and free of tension.
  • Are you looking for inspiration to approach your life in a different way, with creativity and ease?
  • You are curious about ceremonial cacao or microdosing experience?

If Not Now, When?

17 March 2024


Separately cacao and microdosing are used for a healthy and positive lifestyle, together they give more depth. Cacao is not a psychedelic, but it does have a psychoactive effect as a mood enhancer and connecting us to our heart-centre. It also has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants, is rich in minerals and the active compound theobromine is a mild stimulant. Making it a healthy food source with a subtle but profound effect. A powerful combination increasing the effect where the truffles open the mind and cacao opens the heart.

The most frequently reported motives and effects of microdosing are stimulating productivity, for example, increasing focus, energy levels, and creativity and inducing positive mood.

We’ll share Alta Verapaz – 100% cacao from Guatemala form the brand Pure Kakaw.

“Honouring both the mushroom/truffles and cacao as teachers supporting us in living our potential. For many a cacao drink is a delicious (and very welcome) combination when chewing truffles.”

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about SOMATIC MOVEMENT ~ Moving with ease

The practice includes movement and meditative techniques that invite you into a deep awareness of what it feels like to inhabit your own body, whether in movement or stillness. We use a variety of body-oriented techniques to support the individual’s psychological health, healing, wholeness and well-being.

“A somatic yoga practice produces wonder so we become explorers in our own bodies. We enter into a conversation with ourselves and with the world. We learn about ourselves and our environment. It is a deeply transformative and engaged practice.”

NOTE (Please read!)

Microdosing in not tripping!!! Previous experience is not necessary, neither yoga experience. Come with open heart and open mind. Make sure you come on empty stomach. If you choose to have breakfast, please do 2 hours before the session. Try to avoid coffee, alcohol and other stimulants the night before. Wear comfortable and warm clothes and socks. After the sesson we share a Potluck lunch, bring something vegan to share.
Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries at all.


    If you have high blood pressure, are taking medications or are pregnant. If you have a history of epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders such as borderline, schizophreniapsychosis and psychoses, it’s recommended that you do not participate in the circle.


    “Somatic micro-cacao” with sharing Potluck lunch
    Day: Sunday 17-03-2024
    Next sessions: __04-2023 and __05-2023
    Time: 10:30-13:00
    Location: ___Tilburg
    Session Price: Early birds (limited) 37Eur; next phase 42Eur ; Meedoenregeling possible
    BOOKING via link or sms/what’s app @ 0621318056